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2018 Training & Testing Is Under Way!

Wednesday 31 January 2018.

As the upcoming Speedway season approaches and we are in the midst of pre-season races, I’m committed to working hard with training, testing new products and set-up of equipment. I plan to continue working with my mechanic from the previous season, Robert Mendoza. 2018 should be an exciting year for American Speedway with the riders leveling the field with exceptional talent, putting it all on the line and pushing boundaries not seen since the glory days of Speedway. We have promoters continuing to put on great shows, fostering fierce competitiveness and presenting great track conditions each and every event. It could be anyone’s year to make it happen and I plan to contend with the best and fastest riders out there today.

After winning back-to-back national championships for 2015 and 2016 at the Costa Mesa Speedway National Championship, I am eager to take back that title as well battle for the AMA Series National Championship and State Championship crowns in 2018. We also plan to challenge the North team and take back the win for the South team at the annual North vs. South Championship at Fast Fridays in Auburn, CA. The Annual Costa Mesa Fair Derby Championship has always been one of my favorite races with all the new faces that are introduced to the Speedway scene. The crowds roar with amazement at the first fly of the tapes! Other tracks that I plan to ride include, Industry Hills Racing (which holds the Annual Connor Penhall Memorial, The Gumball Rally and the California State Championships), Perris, Big-Time Speedway and Ventura.

I am passionate about Speedway racing and make every effort to put on a good show. It’s like no other sport out there. To me, Speedway is the epitome of the expression “the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat”. It is exciting and thrilling. Where else do you see motorcycles fly at speeds up to 50 mph into the corners without brakes?! Everyone loves to come out and support their favorite rider. We love to give our fans what they came to see! While we are competitive on the track, we racers are all good friends off the track. It is always great to see the families that come out to each event. Kids of all ages can enjoy a great time and watch kids their own age racing and battling it out on the track.

None of this would be possible without the great support from all my sponsors, friends and family in addition to all the die-hard fans out there that love Speedway. I would like to thank all my 2017 sponsors, and I look forward to adding to the list in 2018:

All Star KIA Racing

Jimmy Anderson

Lucas Oil

Pavement Recycling Systems, Inc.

Wells GM

Paul & Elise

TMG Racing



Craig & Maggie Hashey

Mom & Dad

Until next edition, I’ll be keeping it sideways and putting it all on the line! See you at the track!!

A-A-ron #46

2016 Training & Testing About to Begin

Monday 14 December 2015.

I've been chomping at the bit to have a spin since I last rode back in September at the Nationals. I just can't wait to put the suit on and crack the throttle really. I've got some new ideas for the new season and I'll be testing and riding thanks to new mechanic Gary Gomez. We've agreed to work together in 2016 and he's fully on board along with helping me out during the off-season to prepare. He's put a full practice bike together for me to ride and test some new things.

Along with that, Rick Richards and I are going to test some pipe/silencer combinations that he's made and I can't thank him enough to help out! We hope to improve bike setup and make sure we're tuned in just right. I look forward to working wth these guys.

In the last month, I've also been fortunate enough to join team at Ascot and I'm stoked to be a part of a brand with such a legacy! I have to give a shoutout to Doug Nicol for his help on that as well. Be sure to visit them at www.ascotmotorsports.com.

Big thanks to those on my team that stick with me as well, I couldn't continue to keep going without them- Allstar Kia of San Bernardino, Jimmy Anderson, Lucas Oil, Scott Talkington, Pavement Recycling Systems, Inc., Paul & Elise, TMG Racing, Wheel 2 Wheel Raceway, Oakley & Mike Albertson, Craig & Maggie Hashey, STP Photo, Maliniak Speedway & Mom & Dad

More updates coming soon!

Everyone have a Merry Christmas!


The End of the 2015 Season

Monday 05 October 2015.

The end of the 2015 season was a banger! The last race was the 2015 U.S. National Championships at Costa Mesa Speedway where I won, which is easily the biggest race win of my career. It was an epic night and I couldn't imagine it being any better. I was fortunate to have had former National Champion, Scott Brant, who called me up and decided to fly down from Northern California to spin the wrenches for me. Also Hughston Steadman, who is a full-time mechanic for Josh Hansen in Supercross, took the time to come along with me and make sure both bikes were dialed in for the night. I couldn't have done it without them.

I had no expectation of winning this one. It's so difficult to have such a good night on a one-off championship. To win, you have to be spot on perfect with everything the whole night. Bikes have to be on point, setup needs to spot on, and you have to have a good race format draw. Some people were asking me what it would take to win, I told them I have to have the inside gate advantage of the more favored riders. It's very difficult to come from behind and pass, so it's very critical to be the first one to exit turn two. Having the inside gate is certainly an advantage as it's the shortest and quickest way around turns 1 & 2. I don't look at the program at all during the night. I leave it up to my mechanics to tell me when I'm up and what gate I have. I don't like to try to figure out how many points I can get before the races start. I go to the line every time with the same intention, regardless who I ride against. Every rider is capable of winning and you'll never know when someone will surprise you on any given heat race. Having a good draw and following this routine paid off. I was amazed at how good the bike worked from the very beginning of the night and more importantly, it made starts better than I had expected.

It was one of the coolest feelings to have won that race. Being there in the final and just having the opportunity to win was enough. On top of that, the three other finalist gave me the congrats after the 4 laps and we all celebrated with wheelies and donuts and then some high fives all around in turn 4. I look up to all those guys and for them to be excited for me meant a lot. I can't thank those guys enough along with the rest of the field who all rode well to put on such a good show.

Here's to the 2015 season, I cannot thank family friends and sponsors enough. My mom and dad, Jimmy Anderson & Allstar Kia of San Bernardino, Paul & Elise, Pavement Recycling Systems & Pavement Coatings Co., Doug Ford, TMG Racing, Joker Machine, Oakley, Lucas Oil, Craig & Maggie Hashey, Fraser Dunnett, Brad Pappalardo, Ronnie Scopellite, Denny Scopellite, Tim Gomez, Scott Talkington, Tyson & Sarah Talkington, Carrie Hancock, Geoff Herkner, Steve Wells, Kiwi Covers, and just everyone who has been supportive.


The Start of the 2015 Season

Monday 22 June 2015.

I've had a solid start to 2015 with solid results at Costa Mesa and some good finishes at Industry racing. From four race nights at Costa Mesa, we have finished with two 2nd places, and two wins which came the last two weekends. Industry racing I've missed out on a few finals now. Been working on a good bike setup for the track surface there and getting used to the race format. I hope to be able to reach as many finals there and maybe a couple wins. Other than all that I can't complain about how we've done at this point; I've been able to get decent results & earn enough to maintain equipment for the next weeks race. It's getting very competitive with all the racers getting very strong so it's a must to make sure bikes are in top shape.

I'll be taking this Wednesday off to have a break and catch up on things outside of racing & also get my No. 1 engine fixed as it has failed last Wednesday night during the semi. It's been somewhat of a struggle carrying a new full time job and racing so I'll be taking advantage of one nights racing off. I plan to be at every race throughout the rest of the season following this week.

I'll start back up with round 2 of the AMA Nationals at Ventura where we are joint leader with Billy Hamill. I had a good meeting there in 2013 and I'll be looking to do the same this year. It's a big, wide, banked, racers track that I think most riders like so I'd expect nothing less then a good show for fans. This AMA series is a good thing for Speedway in the states as it focuses on the top 16 riders with a possibility of new riders being able to earn a VISA to race in Europe. We now have a few prospects who I believe are ready to make the jump overseas and I'd like to see them finish well in the series and make the jump over the pond.

Lastly, I want to thank those who are in our corner and stick behind Brad Pappalardo & myself-

My Mom & Dad, Jimmy Anderson & Allstar Kia of San Bernardino (David Choi), Paul & Elise (UK), Scott Talkington & Lucas Oil, TMG Racing (Gary Gomez), Geoff Herkner, Pavement Recycling Systems & Pavement Coatings Co., Tyson & Sarah Talkington, Joker Machine, Craig & Maggie Hashey, Mike Albertson, The Palmese Family, The Dunnett Family, & just everyone who backs Aaron Fox Racing each week. Thank you!


A Message from Aaron to all of his supporters

Wednesday 10 December 2014 .

I’m sorry to announce that I will not be returning to British Speedway in 2015. It is a disappointment for me to inform everyone with Edinburgh that I will not be coming back to UK. I was given the ultimate opportunity in 2014 and it ended with the utmost success any rider can have for their first season, all thanks to my team, management, promotion, supporters, & fans. What an experience it was and what a club to be a part of and share the triumph with. I have no doubt that there is no better club to ride for in British Speedway, not because of what we achieved in 2014, but how we managed to do it; every one person a part of Edinburgh included. There are many things that management, promotion, supporters and fans do for the riders that has been very helpful, all of which I wish any rider can experience. The unconditional support and encouragement I was given kept me going all season, even when I felt like enough was enough. I kept plugging away and fortunately it paid off and in the end, I was satisfied with my services as we got the result we all wanted.

At this time, I feel its best for me to continue on striving for things that I’ve wanted outside of Speedway. There are no guarantees in the sport, and with my age I feel I need to secure my future. Had I have had an earlier start in the sport and I was a few years younger, I’d certainly give it another shot. If I truly felt I could make it to the top in the sport, I’d also have more thoughts on a return. However, I do not feel that way. I could easily keep thinking and dreaming of making that happen, but still, there is no guarantee along the way. I’m hoping to begin a career where I can grow and move up in positions. I don’t want to get too much more into detail, but I want everyone to know and understand that securing a future and having things I want in life are important to me. I’ve made the decision to stay home in California and race part time for “fun”, three nights a week during the summer while sustaining a regular job. Those are my goals. This also doesn’t mean I won’t be back to Edinburgh to visit in 2015 as I do intend on doing.

I can’t thank everyone with Edinburgh enough as I have had a year I will never forget with some of the greatest people I’ve ever met. I really hope everyone understands and that it was a very difficult decision. Deep down I feel I’m doing the right thing for myself, even though I am aware a few people may be upset to hear this news. Forever a Monarch!


Aaron Fox

Monarch Take Home All The Gold

Saturday 25 October 2014 .

The ScotsWaste Monarchs pull of the win over Somerset by one point in the final heat of round two of the Premier League Championships. The Monarchs started the day with a 12 point deficit to make up after the previous night's 54 - 42 loss on the Rebel's home track. In heat 14 Aaron fought his way into a third place finish behind Max Fricke picking up a crucial point making the score 49 - 40 Monarchs. Craig Cook and Sam Masters were able to pull off the 5-1 over Pontus Aspgren and Nick Morris making the two race total 96 - 95. The Monarchs took the trophies for the League Cup and the Knock Out Cup this season as well.

Monster Energy Speedway World Cup

Saturday 26 July 2014 .

Aaron joined the US World cup team in Kings Lynn where they placed 2nd behind Great Britain and will meet Austrailia and two teams from round 2 in Sweden.

Edinburgh Monarchs 67 • Berwick Bandits 23

Friday 25 July 2014 .

Aaron scored 3, 3, Ret, 1, 1 =8.

The Monarch move on to the semi-finals of the Premier League Knockout Cup.

Edinburgh Monarchs 48 • Scunthorpe Scorpions 43

Monday 05 May 2014 at Scunthorpe.

Aaron scored 2',0,EF = 2+1.

He scored his second 5-1 with Steve Worrall in heat 1 then had clutch issues in heat 3.

Edinburgh Monarchs 59 • Scunthorpe Scorpions 34

Friday 02 May 2014

Aaron scored 1¹,0,1¹,1 = 3+2.

Edinburgh Monarchs VS Ipswich Witches

Sunday 20 April 2014

Rained off.

Edinburgh Monarchs VS Sheffield Tigers

Friday 25 April 2014

Rained off.

Edinburgh Monarchs 58 • Glasgow Tigers 35

Sunday 20 April 2014

Edinburgh Monarchs 55 • Glasgow Tigers 38

Friday 18 April 2014

All Star Kia

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